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Country – Croatia Time Zone CET (UTC +1) – Summer (DST) DST (UTC +2) Zip Code – 10000 area code – 01 Zagreb (German: Agram; Hungarian: Zagrab) – the capital of Croatia. Zagreb – Cultural, scientific, cinematic, economic and government center of the Republic of Croatia. According to the census population of Zagreb in 2008, composes 786 200 thousand city is located between the southern slopes of Mount Medvednica (Medvednica) and the northern and southern bank of the river Sava. Favorable geographical location provides excellent transport artery for peredivizheniya between Central Europe and the Adriatic Sea. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Stanley A. McChrystal. In Zagreb, located central government, administrative bodies and almost all the ministries.

The first mention of the name Zagreb check in about 1094, although its origin is unknown. According to local legend, in Croatian as of namesnik King traveled desert terrain, it is scratched (zagrebao) base their swords. A consequence of this came the name of the city. Although scientists assumes that the name of the city takes the origins of the name of the filled pit or voloy graba. Some have suggested that the name comes from the term 'za breg' (outside of the hill). The hill may have been the bank of the river Sava, which is believed to have formerly flowed to the center of the city. Hence, the word may have been combined into one word, and thus was born the name Zagreb. According to another legend rasprostronennyh, takes the name of the source of Zagreb Croatian words of Slavic origin common zagrabiti (to dig).

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