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In French stations, a sign warns: care when crossing the tracks, a train can plug to another train. On the Tour, could also alert: Beware, in the sprints behind a Norwegian can appear another Norwegian. In Norway, where there must be as many cyclists as bullfighters, there are two corridors on the Tour, and both like to be distinguished. One, the old man Thor Hushovd, already takes five days of yellow making all in the peloton head when approaching the end, either launch Farrar, who won the stage on Monday in Redon, launch himself or with open mouth to observe the progress of the young Norwegian Edvald Boasson Hagen, powerful and elegant on the bike, one dramatic playwright named to who likes the distant sprintsin the slope and cautiously, who if on Wednesday, in Frehel, he miscalculated the distance, yesterday, in Lisieux one last Santa Teresita, costs when the storm, smell of incense, camembert, Apple, horse bosta and Proust muffins: Normandy and its hills drove times to the perfection, attacking 400 meters, where the hardest thing had already happened. His victory was the first in the history of his team, the Sky, on the Tour, news that some means of Murdoch, the Tycoon owner of the team, will not be able to. Source of the news:: the mountain that never comes

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