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Others maintain that it treats to a great extent, by the efficiency of the immunological system is affected. The people with this condition are met to have the motilidad or irregular movement of both great points. This denominates temporary paralyzation. SII often is related to a bacterial infection that is in the gastrointestinal tract. The investigators observed that the people who have developed gastroenteritis have major probability also of developing SII. In addition, one was that the syndrome of irritable intestine increases the susceptibility, the anxiety and the stress that the condition aggravates as well. In the same way, many of the symptoms of the depression and the anxiety cause the SII. For assistance, try visiting David Karp. Other patients project bonds with the syndrome of the irritable intestine and the celaca disease, that is the incapacity of a person to digest the gluten.

The gluten is the substance that are in the wheat, the barley, garlic and the flour that, basically, aid in the coagulation of the bread. The patients who suffer the celaca disease have an immunological system that responds to the gluten damaging the thin intestine. The presence of the celaca disease, along with the SII can to verify by means of the blood analysis. Although the SII affects all, the women are but prone to suffer this syndrome and she has been verified that the symptoms during its menstrual period. These are basically, commonly observed ” supposed causas” of the movements of the intestine. The scientists and the medical community are working continuously in the solution of the causes in order to create viable options of treatment that would help to alleviate the condition. Nevertheless, people already have practiced a series of things to help to provide temporary treatment for the syndrome of irritable intestine. Many of which imply to avoid the foods that normally cause the symptoms. Some of these can be comilonas, caffein, you, refreshments of tail and the chocolates. Without forgetting the alcohol and products to us derived from the wheat.

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