New LED Spots

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Futurelight presents two new LED spotlights, which are equally suitable for projections and beam shows at the prolight + sound in Frankfurt. Futurelight presents two new LED spotlights, which are equally suitable for projections and beam shows at the prolight + sound in Frankfurt. With the DMH-40 Futurelight now presents a LED-spot, which is suitable for the projection of filigree gobos. He owes this his motorized focus and its uniform illumination. He has a power consumption of only 160 watts and a weight of lean 11 kg – it offers a welcome alternative to moving lights with CDM lamps the DMH-40. The LED installed in the DMH-40 with 40 watts of power produces a whiter light than a CDM lamp and reached a brightness of 1500 Lux at a distance of 5 meters.

Despite its small size, the Futurelight DMH-40 is equipped with many features. So he has an effect wheel with a 3-facet prism that rotate at different speeds in both directions. To come ein3 D Prism and a Frost filter. Contact information is here: Dropbox. Of the total 14 DMX channels are also the 7 rotating gobos (plus open) and to control 8 dichroic color filters (plus white). The beam angle is 15. The Futurelight DMH-30 is designed for smaller applications. He offers a more affordable alternative to its big brother”with some light output, as well as some features must be avoided. Thus priced about one-third under the DMH-40 is the Futurelight DMH-30.

Both models eliminates the time-consuming, manual adjustment of the lamp. Furthermore, the combination of LED and power supply increases resilience. The road normal voltage fluctuations not instantly dark is LED and after any power outages, the moving lights are immediately ready for use, without that the lamps have to cool down. The small packing measures make the new LED spots by Futurelight just for smaller service providers. Also the mounting to a spreader bar is very easy to do for a single technician. The Futurelight DMH-40 and the DMH-30 are available now. The LED is celebrating its 50th anniversary next year. Until then, LED equipped multifunctional spotlights continue their triumphant and indispensable in many areas. They now offer higher energy efficiency than comparable models with halogen and discharge lamps. Videos: Contact: Steinigke Showtechnic GmbH Michael dill Andreas-Bauer str.5 97297 forest buttel Banta phone: 0931-4061-517 fax: 0931-4061-720 email: whether of high-quality Moving heads or accurate scanners, colourful LED systems or inspiring effect projectors: Futurelight stands for more than 15 years for the perfect illumination. This reliable performance through State of the art technology for stylish architecture or effect-rich entertainment lighting are just the beginning. If it may be something more than the normal standard, Futurelight helps with that certain something.

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