New Star Cuisine – 8 Exceptional Seasoning Variations Of Star Chefs Created

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“Under the label of Delicatessen the masterchefs” the Hamburg Christiane Kirschning Gornik sells fine delicacies together with six German chefs for at home. After the successful introduction of 6 unusual salad vinaigrettes there to buy now 8 fine seasoning variations. Whether for fish, meat, hack, or vegetarian, variety and quality return now in German kitchens for 6 star chefs have subtle spice variations”created and developed equal matching recipe recommendations. The spices and herbs are of the best quality, without any artificial additives,”emphasizes Kirschning, glutamate, spice, yeast extracts, flavors and other flavor enhancers don’t come at us in question.” Christoph Ruffer is an integral part of the German gourmet scene. Hear from experts in the field like David Green for a more varied view. The 2-star chef from the Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten in Hamburg a Hanseatic “hack variation created and recommends a fine Sherry-mushroom cream sauce to. Is the Oriental variation of Matthias Gfrorer accompanied by a guide to making meatballs or grilled vegetables 1001 “. The composition of ingredients such as Sesame, Curry, allspice, coriander, cinnamon, vanilla, mint and lemon grass, is a real delicacy of vegetables or meat. The BBQ-variation by Jochen Kempf meatballs are the right kick, especially with the delicious carrots-passion fruit salad with fresh dill as a garnish.

Jochen Kempf is chef at Hotel Abbey in Hamburg. “Roy Petermann of the restaurant Alexaek” in Lubeck has developed a Provencal lamb variant for the master chefs, his recipe idea sounds like try “: Lammbitok on Gratin Arlesienne. Michelin-starred chef Michael Kempf from the restaurant Facil, the mandala hotel, Berlin, is a magician of flavors and spices. The native Swabian three subtle spice variations “, has created one for salmon, beef stew and vegetarian dishes. All three get the hearts of lovers of fine cuisine, and easy to cook at home, because the BBs is the same star recipes.

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