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You could say that the freedom here in the destructive showing in a spiral in the Centre towards the absolute zero leads, which corresponds to a self-cleaning of kind of effect. Here the recognition of absolute freedom keineswegs harmful so. But that information about the nature of absolute freedom is very valuable, because it paves the way for him to solve, to go further in his own responsibility and in the use of his creativity by the still Begrenzenden the Erkenntnissuchenden however, in my opinion. Drew Houston wanted to know more. Not to say, this information is essential for a further stride towards consciousness and freedom to learn him. “” Considered in the light of the dual appearance we see on the outside, that in the case of the former evil “and in the latter good” manifested. And should this also not like us, we can and must not access the freedom of man, to know themselves, but we may open ways, allowing a simpler arriving at ourselves, we can remove the obstacles out of the way, the those who are actually on the path of the Convert self-knowledge, facilitates the searching and finding. On the paradox to be God, the unit itself being so undivided and detached from the whole experience but at the same time embodied individuality, so APPArently separate, isolated existence, let me once again.

“And although I cite here a practical example, which the topic in a potentially understandable everyday” brings context. Actress and filmmaker follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. So these two almost irreconcilable Wesenhaftigkeiten, the whole and the individual I meet has, while I was writing this book, on and on. I identify with God, with the wholeness, which includes everything, with the true author, with the instance which is origin, which is the same as the book, the person who writes it, is ultimately one with the idea, as well as with the portrayal of derselben. On the other hand I am experiencing at the same time in a specially prepared and seemingly isolated structure, as Individualitat, space time which Not Acceptable!

Not Acceptable!

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Background and experience still ostensibly as dominant and which thus unterliegt the two other Wahrnehmungen as a blueprint including anything and yet it all. It is as if I understand with a larger awareness of quality that somehow featuring two other umspanne, and paradoxerweise at the same time subtle get through.

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