Oligomeric Pro Cyanidines

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Natural supplements such as OPC, vitamins and minerals help against hay fever to symptoms to ease access the drugs from the pharmacy, the more or less definite improvement bring to many sufferers. These drugs are often not only expensive, but partly also not irrelevant to have side effects. There is a good news for allergy sufferers safe that also completely natural, cheap, especially side-effect-free dietary supplements such as OPC, vitamin C, calcium, magnesium and selenium can create effective remedy against hay fever. OPC is the abbreviation for Oligomeric Pro Cyanidines a colourless bitter substance extracted from grape seed by grapes against hay fever – OPC. Away, he belongs to the Group of Bioflavonoids. High-quality OPC with a high content in polyphenols can effectively help get hay fever in the handle.

Polyphenols inhibit allergies (hay fever, asthma, etc.)? Vitamin C helps to relieve hay fever high vitamin C reduces the secretion of the Messenger substance Histamine. This is responsible for the typical in hay fever symptoms such as sneezing attacks, oozing noses, etc. Calcium & magnesium is long known that calcium can significantly reduce the unpleasant symptoms of hay fever, because it slows down the distribution of histamine against hay fever -. Magnesium can also significantly reduce the allergic symptoms of hay fever. Timely and regularly ingested, magnesium can reduce the typical symptoms of hay. Ideally, you start the intake of magnesium and calcium just two months before the start of the Heuschnupfensaison. You can thus reduce nasal flow, eye itching and sneezing about one-third.

In addition, calcium can stabilize the mast cells, so that they secrete less histamine. Histamine is leading for the triggering of hay fever. Selenium against hay fever – selenium regulates the finely tuned interaction of body defense. In addition, the trace element protects the immune cells from destruction by free radicals. These aggressive metabolism products also enhance inflammatory processes. By selenium intercepts harmful radicals, it acts directly against the allergic inflammation.

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