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For example, we always find that there is a relationship of interdependence between different parts, some will blame each other in a given situation, negative emotions flow freely in the atmosphere, and making an effort, costs could be identified economic business that is causing the problem. This last point seems enlightening. Companies are reluctant to measure the conflict, to face him, probably because it is not a tangible item, can not be quantified, in most cases, and is not typically included in the corporate profits and loss account. As Roger Fisher, one of the greatest experts in the topic, would say you can not count, does not count. I’ll give you all my conflicts. Both positive and negative effects of the conflict have been studied comprehensively. Harrison Owen, creator of the Open Space Technology (OST), a valuable tool for addressing complex conflicts, defends the positive aspect of the conflict simply by the fact that where there is conflict there are concerned people. Daniel Gilbert takes a slightly different approach. If we bring it into the realm of the company could convert one of its axioms in this way: show me a company where there is no conflict and I will show you that nobody cares that company and not is the only positive.

All conflict arises from the need of change, sometimes it’s an alarm that resonates, gives rise to creativity and exercises of motor so things change. A conflict also is, by itself, an incentive to the cohesion of the Group and, in some cases, a great motivation tool. But, as a good friend, the conflict will have many positive things but I’ll give you mine. Because that generate problems in organizations are, above all, bad decisions. This good friend, small businessman, told me the solution that had been adopted to alleviate the poor environment between two groups of workers in his consulting firm. It had decided to divide consultants into two teams, each of them with their own projects and without just exchanging information between them, hoping to limit the discrepancies and tensions.

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