Professor Jose Alfonso

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The related law when defining the environment had the care to discriminate if not all the majority of factors that influence, modify and or degrade the environment, demonstrating that the environment is formed by a composition of some factors that they enclose since the area, biological, (involving the ecology), as the physical area, (energy, pollution), social area, (health, security); that is the law if demonstrates including, but it does not deplete, necessarily, all the definition of the environment and or foresees all the factors that influence directly and or indirectly in the environment, rank that with the evolution human being, technological, new factors, new necessities, has direct cause in the environment, either it, beneficial and or maleficent. According to CARLOS OAK GOMES, in its book: ' ' Introduction to the Enviromental law, pg.88, ' ' the Environment if constitutes through the historical process of conquest, occupation, domain and transformation of the space on the part of the society; is formed by the Biosfera, (nature in strict direction), the tecnosfera that is the set of utensils, that is, the transformation and conquest of space; the ecosphere that is the result of the relations of the alive things of the nature (Biosfera), with the physical and chemical constituent servant, (the Tecnosfera). ' ' The Professor Jose Alfonso Da Silva defines the environment as; ' ' the interaction of the set of natural, artificial and cultural elements that propitiate the balanced development of the life in all its forms. The integration searchs to assume a unitria conception of the environment; comprehensive of the natural resources and cultural. The authors as the professor Jose Alfonso Da Silva, costumam to divide the environment on three aspects, the artificial environment; cultural environment and the natural environment. The artificial environment is defined with the closed urban space that is the set of constructions and the set of public equipment as streets, green squares, areas, that is, opened urban space.

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