Psychology and Addiction Behavior

Posted September 29th, 2022 by Tony. Comments Off on Psychology and Addiction Behavior.

We have seen how social exclusion and conflict are the product of a political and economic model that generates a particular type of cultural and social development that creates subjects unable to socialize properly. If we add to this transformation in the world of production, the progressive loss of popular culture, motivation and helplessness toward social problems, financial difficulties or poor network support, we will have the keys to understanding the for what the precise situation and the tracks to bring about changes that restore the meaning of life, values and solidarity. What we call population at risk or have some features that need answers from non-formal education: l Neglect of the education system of motivation, frustration … Mismatches l dysfunctional family on a personal level. l Difficulties in finding alternative entertainment.

l Working in difficult conditions, difficulty in integrating into the labor market standard … l addictive behaviors. Emotional abandonment. l Etc. The company is responsible for finding solutions to these problems. With a participatory approach can provide answers to social needs and marginality, in which all actors are involved in the community: social movements, schools, volunteers, professionals, people and, of course, Street Educators. All this will need to have social and economic recognition of the State, betting more on development policies civil society by the mere handouts. Institutions that traditionally performed social work with young people were not effective, or only intervened when it was too late, when problematic situations were obvious. Even these institutions were not able to come effectively to youth and certain groups, especially because in tune with their concerns and needs.

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