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“Fascination Cemie”-ontent crew GmbH produces new podcast for Wacker Chemie AG now presents the new audio magazine of the content crew every month interesting wallpapers from the world of chemistry. An example of this will be shown in each episode how chemistry provides for smoothly functioning products in all areas of our life and thus provides interesting topics as part of everyday life. Sound entertaining, and in terms of content, the magazine provides insights into the work of WACKER and the fascination of science chemistry. The podcast is available in German, English and Chinese. In the first episode of the new podcast is about the prehistory, and about how to save them with the help of chemistry in the present. Not only the huge skeletons of dinosaurs, but also the millions of tiny creatures of the past give up until today many unsolved puzzles. How will proceed at this geological clues at all? The podcast provides answers and explains what innovative chemical products allow, that the smallest traces Protozoa in Africa and Australia are lifelike, metre exhibits which then can be explored and admired. Free listen and subscribe at: podcast information to the content crew GmbH: the content crew GmbH has been producing professional audio and video podcasts. She takes over goal – and target groups making, design, texts, editorial, production and promotion for blogs and podcasts for marketing, E-learning, or internal communication. Clients are including Wacker Chemie AG, E.ON IS GmbH, Addison-Wesley Publishing Company and market + technology-Verlag..

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