Tariff Structure

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The pink giant feels the breath of competition in the neck. Therefore the tariff structure has been revised in a timely manner. The tariff structure of Deutsche Telekom is now relatively simple. The pure telephony tariffs are referred to as single play. The tariffs, which include both telephony and DSL, called consequently rates double play. The triple play is a new offer. Telephony, ADSL and television in a package are combined here.

Television is possible only with a fast DSL line, see DSL 6000, nothing goes here. To watch TV in HD quality via the DSL line, needed the fast 25 V-DSL. With regard to the double play there now even no volume at Telekom limited rates more. The flat rate is now included with all packages, even apart from the Einsteigerpaketen, which are billed per minute. A phone flat is standard currently not yet in all packages. It is currently included in the collective call & surf comfort, which (as of 01/2008) with 39.95 euros. Who’s not too much on the phone, can also to the Call & surf access basic, which currently costs 34.95 euros per month.

Here, the DSL-Flatrate is included to make phone calls but only a special quota (analog 120 minutes, ISDN 240 minutes). But, beyond talk minutes are billed with discounted price of per minute. Anyone who appreciates the special extras such as the flat rate for hotspot, should think plus comfort about the rate of call & surf. Although he is the most expensive tariff (currently 49.95 euros a month). But among other things a hotspot of flat rate, is included the free browsing by on the road allows. Dialing can be sites that exist in the whole Federal territory, especially at railway stations, airports or restaurants your notebook then at one of the approximately 8500 hotspot. Who want to cancel his cable TV connection, can take a look at the new triple play rates (entertain), providing a complete guide with over 70 channels and also pay TV. Eckart Haase

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