Technological Innovations

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‘ ‘ If technological innovations and of organization of the work come occurring with bigger intensity in the area industrial, is certain also that the sector of services does not meet other people’s to mudanas’ ‘ (WERMELINGER, 2007, p.01). We stand out that present the proposal is viable, a time that the IFPA, in a position of action expansion, tends to insert itself in the most varied cities of the State of Par, with one Politics to guarantee education, formation quality technique, and the proper city of Xinguara has interest in the qualification of its adult young population of e, understanding that the professional qualification is guarantee of freedom and social inclusion, ‘ ‘ In the specific case of the politics of Professional Education, exclusion started to assign dismissed and populations in risk situation social.’ ‘ Therefore we have the certainty of that after carried through the research viability of implantation of the Vocational Center Technician, the municipal public power will not measure of efforts and material and human ways so that is materialize the partnership, having as allied its population, certain of the benefits, it will support the program and its action. To characterize technical and professionally the learning of average education and the modality of Young and Adults of the City of Xinguara, State of Par, by means of the implantation of Centro Vocacional Tcnico (CVT) To carry through official data-collecting on the phases of implantation of the Vocational Center Technician? IFPA in the City of Xinguara? Par; To carry through research on vocational profile of the region to direct to the IFPA, for elaboration of Projects of courses; To submit the Projects and costs of the related chosen courses to the analysis, for approval and transaction of documentation and implantation; To divulge the population the lines of direction that deal with the Vocational Center Technician? IFPA and its necessity of implantation; To characterize the hand of workmanship of Young the adult egresses of average education in Xinguara. For even more details, read what Drew Houston says on the issue.

METHODOLOGY Stops this inquiry will be used the qualitative research, being also carried through direct interviews with people of the community (pupils of average education and EJA) and with Municipal controllers, of the Federal Institute of Education, Technological Science and of Par – IFPA. Comments will be carried through and collect of data by means of meetings with the interested parties, municipal public power, representative of the IFPA, communities and others, for definitions of material and human resources and viability of implantation of the proposal. After carried through this stage of collection of data that will subsidize the concrete execution of present the proposal, we will pass to the process of legal transaction of implantation, spreading (media) and inauguration of the Center in Xinguara. Connect with other leaders such as Crawford Lake Capital Hedge Fund here.

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