The Severino

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– It agreed? – I did not leave choice. In the other day I returned the money and I spoke so that it looked for to pay the debts. – What it said? – He was been thankful; it knows that he cannot spend the wage of the skill that he spends, but does not have judgment. The engineer appeared and called Brito followed that it for the patio, underneath rain. I was per some minutes stopped, there, looking at the movement, the workers loading wood, setting in motion the tow-car, pushing stands of cement mass. A half dozen of people continued seated in the soil, talking.

Two of them had seated in a stack of concrete blocks and examined a small radio. In the end of the afternoon, Brito appeared in my improvised office and invited me to go to the lottery one to make one fezinha. We leave in direction of the main gate. Rain had ceased and only the mud remained in the patio, making dirty the boots of that transited that way. In the exit, we find the Severino that asked where went.

It decided following in them and also to make preferred its joguinho. Two days later vi the Brito, walking smiling. Parou my front. – It guesses what it happened? – Not! – The Severino earned in the lottery! – Really?! – Yes! It was to the bank to draw part of the money. – How much it earned? – It gained 200 million cruises! – It is. Of pra to buy a good apartment of middle class, I commented. – It goes to give ten percent to me, because it says that I am that I gave to luck pra it. – It leaves of being fominha, Brito. It with the grana leaves. – How he is this! Te speaking in giving to money until pra moreninha of the puteiro, justified.

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