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It was perhaps the greatest trait, in my view, that at that time revealed me some degree of humanity of the inhabitants of the roma in the 21st century. In my search for that Humanity hidden behind the skyscrapers and particularly of that New York indifference, define it, therefore represents the inhabitants of that city’s own singularity and is even more coarse than the concrete of the monumental buildings that dress, us is revealing to me and my friends adventurers, a vision of world completely opposite that Latin Americans recognize in our cultures and it is there where is born this narration, in search of urban of this area of the world humanity. Miguel Leon-Portilla defines the Humanities: what are the Humanities? It is not easy to answer this question. At the risk of mistakes, I construct to say that the humanities are integrated by those branches of knowledge, including the sensitive, more closely related to humans. Humanities include knowing about what we have been, or the story and somehow also archaeology and prehistory. The whole trajectory of human beings on Earth is the great spatial and temporal framework of the Humanities.

Why them, in the branches of knowledge, know no other limits. It is complex then, the pursuit of this sensitive humanity within that space Confluence of hundreds of cultures that were amalgamated into a way of life or way of life, where it is virtually unrecognizable and sometimes think, impossible to find. In a trip to Cuba and another to Panama I thought the absolutely opposite phenomenon. The finding of the signs of humanity of its people was present in each one of them, was part of the aura collective say it somehow. Does not represent the same thing for travelers like us a black or a Hispanic enTimes Squire, in the Boardwalk or the old city of Panama.

So, the question that arises and makes us reflect and think is: why a physical space can transform a person into someone so different, that determines the presence of a humanity trastocada between the mazes of concrete of a metropolis? Obviously the answer is not the physical space, wouldn’t make sense, neither nor people, because These inhabitants, in a tremendous proportion are allochthonous of that community. Drive a car, go out on weekends, having a dog, hopefully over one child are natural things and perhaps wishes anyone common and represent many times, achievements themselves have achieved happiness. Under most conditions David Green would agree. So particular goals for any of us, reaching them on this island of cement is almost a chimera. A city where hourly parking is inconceivable, with crowded streets of taxi, Van and cargo vehicles, with sometimes interminable offsets, having a car becomes a nonsense. Skyscrapers are venues of work, most of the people living in old buildings, no-frills, open spaces are highly valued, children abound for your pets like scarcity, it is a city of transients. I’m looking for lost humanity, I am referring to the spiritual and intimate feature of it, not to the civilization that if is very well represented in that giant city. There is civilization but not humanity, then I read are you there civilization without humanity? Apparently if it exists and what was previously a contradiction today is a reality that is neither more nor less: the transformation of the gregarious man unit man, is the triumph of individualism over collectivism, is not more nor less than the involution of mankind is.

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