Universal Earth

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He continued stating that colder oceans are absorbing a large part of the additional heat delaying the warming of the atmosphere and oceans are reaching a level of balance with highest levels of CO2 and this is producing the final warm-up. Says that more terrifying is that you between a third and half of all the glaciers in the world and much of the polar icecaps are melting slowly, and are endangering the cities and fields located in the valleys that are below the glacier. It shows how large coastal areas they are about to disappear flooded by the waters that are estimated from 0.7 to 4 m., according to different estimates. And how 518 million people are about to see are inundated by rising waters. See Dropbox for more details and insights. Explains in a short amount of time farmlands become deserts and, in general, there will be major changes in terrestrial ecosystems.

Explains how these changes will mean a huge seizure in humanity in all living being that exists on this planet, who would have to cope with many works of containment of the sea in a relatively short time. It concluded that the body of evidence suggests a certain degree of human influence on the global climate and that unfortunately this situation is affecting the lives of Hercolus and of other galaxies, that planet Earth is becoming a Universal pollutant, goes on to say that due to this great disregard of humanity on planet Earth have been reduced the time of its collapse not missing 92 years for this great shock of galaxies but within 12 days Hercolus and planet Earth colleagues and would disappear and together with them other galaxies. Shaida tells Hoody don’t worry Queen Aissa appears, that his heart so feels, worried and sad Hoddy retires. Eisse asks her mother you explain about his sister, and as I knew it was called Aissa and the because it was necessary that both were together to stop this great tragedy, if they were just a few children.

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