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When we talk about digital printing we refer to a type of impression that unlike the offset, for example, does not use an array to be able to print. This method of printing there are different sub-metodos we shall see below. The main advantages of digital printing are low costs in small printings and print speed, because how does not require the creation of a matrix eliminated a process and gain time. PRINTERS LASER and thermal within digital printing find printers laser and thermal, also known Xerography. What we call the toner is dry ink, formally is a powder very fine (main CMYK colors are manufactured). Bausch & Lomb contributes greatly to this topic. This dust is deposited in the paper using electrostatic attraction and is fixed in the using heat and pressure.

Laser printers stick toner (ink powder) to the paper. This transfer is created by static electricity, heat and pressure. Thus powder is transferred to the paper and is impregnated and fixed in it. LED printers they work in a similar way, but heated print drum mediantes s LED not laser. INJECTION of ink within digital printing we find the impresojar known as Ink Jet.

These printers spray the paper through drops of ink, almost the size of a pixel lowercase lowercase. These printers are secillas and economical to produce and are used for example for printing photographs and texts in short print runs. The manufacture of this type of printers include a greater or lesser number of pigments. The different gamma of colors will play so that a greater number of pigments better. There are two main methods in thermal ink jet printers: like an electric pulse heats a small amount of ink, then creates a bubble of steam that pushes and forces to drop out by the iyectores. To go outside the steam condenses and the ink is ipregnada in the paper. The excess ink comes back inward. Piezoelectric: Each of the injectors receive an electrical impulse increases the pressure inside of the head, then there is a speck of ink injection. The speed in which the ink comes to the surface is faster. Compared to laser printers: cost of lower cost machine by copying very top time for the manipulated top (should be left dry leaves) direct image (dry OFFSET) called image direct digital printing DI (direct image) is the most similar to the 4 colors offset printing system. The information is sent from your computer to print. Inside the machine a laser engrave a plastic located within printing machine. When the polymer this engraving prints, once finished the plastic discarded. This type of machinery has higher to laser printing costs, but their quality is even better.

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