Magic Exists !

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My name is Elizabeth, I'm 34 years old. I like all the decent girls graduated from the institute, took a job specialty, due to my profession, I had to get second higher education. So quietly and passed the years, and When I woke, I realized that in addition to their work and positions – nothing. […]

Spanish State

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By reconstruction it is understood that they would remain in Sun a minimum of people. It implies to reduce, to eliminate some commission. Assemblies of districts This Saturday, in more than 120 districts and municipalities of the Community of Madrid met summoned by the Movement 15-M to continue the asambleario and citizen movement. In many […]


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Many people tend to remember their wedding day as one of the best in his life and wanted to relive it with style. In fact, the simple wedding celebration takes time and much organization, which includes the early reservation of wedding car to transport to the couple. Traditionally is the responsibility of which prepares the […]


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The Aquaponics is the productive activity that joint production of fish and plants of commercial value in a water recirculating system (aquaculture + hydroponics). This system takes advantage of the waste generated by the fish to nourish plants which release the water of these compounds in turn making it available again for the fish. That […]

Homemade Tricks

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Many times our pocket cannot us acquire famous creams anti cellulite that we see in the advertisements. But we need to stop taking it as an excuse for not taking care of our skin and cannot cope with the horrible Orange skin. And more soon do something the treatments we use will not be so […]

Magic Boot

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Curupira , Matim and Juma, are common in the interior and are part of the folklore of the people. They say that curupira is a small animal with forms human beings, all bare one and with the feet it stops backwards. He is therefore that it does not obtain to follow the tracks of the […]

The Existence

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Finally, the culture unissex and the radical feminism that the sexuality of the person separates: already it does not have man and woman; the sex is anatomical data without antropolgica relevance; the body already not speaks of the person, nor of the sexual complementaridade that express to the vocation for the donation of the love. […]


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The pollution of the ground is one of the forms depoluio, that mainly affects the superficial layer of the terrestrial crust, causing curses indirect right-handers or to the life human being, the nature and meioambiente in general. It consists of the improper presence, in the ground, of strange elementosqumicos, of origin human being, that harm […]

Panel Plastic

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Produced from artificial derivatives with special surface finish. Made to look like marble, wood, aluminum and steel. – homopal represents a material known as "metal laminate – plastic high pressure with an additional surface. Additional coating laminate is made of copper surfaced, stainless steel, aluminum (mirror or matte). -LIRI a modern plastic. Has a glossy […]

The DeLonghi ESAM 3000 B Coffee Maker At A Glance

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My experience with the coffee my Christmas gift I unpacked all excited. My girlfriend who is like me, not as a coffee aunt had given me this coffee maker. He was wrapped in a multicolored box, the most important information in several languages were printed. I took out the coffee maker, the piece weighs about […]