Germany Generale

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New offer includes warrants and part protection products may retail for some time are also investing in raw materials. This professional investors used to be reserved. The commodity sector offers investors the opportunity to diversify of their portfolios and opportunities for good returns. Societe Generale has significantly extended its offer in this sector. The Exchange […]

Sabine Sarrach

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New therapy moves with leaking out bale toes right next to the classic problem of the wrong the big toe (hallux valgus), can dance also the smaller toes unattractive from the series. To straighten them out, were so far in a surgery tendons, joint capsules and bones in the correct position depending on the individual […]

Bishop Valentine

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February 14, the so-called day of the lovers is that the lover or the loved one to make a gift – a popular occasion? Valentine’s day: Invention or tradition? Many Germans hold the 14th of February, the so-called day of lovers”for an invention by florists and greeting card manufacturers, to achieve higher sales. The view, […]