Afro-Brazilian quotas

Posted November 19th, 2013 by Tony. Comments Off on Afro-Brazilian quotas.

It says not to Racism! As the nonsense of racial segregation in a country of mestizos can be accepted As to explain the rotten decisions that mask a racism underneath. Racism is not only stops with the blacks but with that they differ from color. However all a historical past takes the exclusion of these. The slavery, the humilhao, Everything inside harmed one walked of recognition of the society. Today, the such of Afro-Brazilian appears Quotas for university is not all Brazilians? Equal? Because this distinction? To be black, Indian, to study in public school, hinders its brain to reason? You hinder to follow for difficult ways, pure ingnorncia and hypocrisy of a society that with this type of act, divides the people.

In the truth, more fools are the ones that if say pure race. Kk, we are all Africans its precoceituosos ingnorantes without study. We do not need plus a holiday reinvidicar something, and yes that all understand that we are human beings equal Genomes, Originated of similar beings. If you agree to mine arguments, or the least in part, shares this idea, transmits this thought to the others is not necessary that you change the alone world, if each one to plant the seed of this idea, the fruits will be of equality and peace.

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