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In particular, self-employed persons can benefit from the direct assignment of money for smava Can now borrowers received up to 50,000 euros Germany’s largest credit platform sets new standards for modern financing Berlin, March 15, 2010 Germany’s leading credit platform starts with a considerable enlargement of the product in the spring of 2010. Now, up to 50,000 euro instead of 25,000 euro credit limits are possible. Thus responds to the special needs of self-employed who now find the right solution for almost any financing questions at smava smava. While politicians are still discussing and credit mediators are trying to create a better supply of credit, businesses how smava already even help people with innovative solutions. Instead of lengthy negotiations freelancers and traders can adjust quickly and unbureaucratically online your credit request on smava. The project is funded directly by private investors after submission of the documents and examination by smava. After that is the money paid out usually within 48 hours. The price for the credit is from supply and demand.

It is beneficial for self-employed the credit without collateral can be recorded, and at any time be terminated without cost. Da smava itself takes care of the entire process, held no personal contact between the borrowers and the investors. Moreover, a self-employed person must not disclose his identity, but may occur with an anonymous username on the platform of the credit. As a result, smava sets a new benchmark for modern finance with this extension. Freelancers and traders had it always been hard to get loans”, explains Alexander Artope, co-founder and CEO of smava. The credit crunch in Germany affects according to many studies, especially at the small self-employed in the short term. Therefore, after many requests, we have decided to raise the possible at smava loan amount to 50,000 euros.

Thus we can the requirements of this Target group are better than before. Entrepreneur-friendly financing solutions mean for us, unbureaucratic and easy to support self-employed. And investors at smava are doing with their money.” Germany’s largest credit platform has given almost 25 million euros in loans and was able to convince more than 10,000 investors and 3,300 borrowers. As independent experts such as Foundation financial test assess smava repeatedly positive. The financial magazine named euro smava in November 2009 to the winner of all credit portals in Germany. About smava, is Germany’s leading online marketplace for loans from person to person, allowing a significant financial and social benefit investors and borrowers. Similar to eBay allows sale of goods between people on the Internet, the idea of private money lending between people smava transfers on the Internet. Borrowers make no consideration, but only a success fee to a credit contract. Also rises smava no industry compensation. Investors pay only a one-time fee when buying a credit claim. The smava GmbH is a German company headquartered in Berlin, which was started by an experienced management from the financial and Internet area. More information at or. Press contact: Zucker.Kommunikation gate str. 107 10119 Berlin team smava Tel: 030/247 587-0 fax: 030 / 247 587-77 E-Mail:

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