Believe In Yourself

Posted March 4th, 2016 by Tony. Comments Off on Believe In Yourself.

More than 10 years ago I met a young man who was 25 years old and came to our customer service Office to buy one of the production technical courses that we sell to the Hispanic world. The young man is named Andres. He told us that they had fired work for staff reduction. He said that they had probably ceased because they did not believe in his work. We began to count that in his family they did not believe in the. Kaihan Krippendorff oftentimes addresses this issue. His parents, siblings, other relatives and friends.

Everyone told him that not worth as a worker, dismissed him for that reason. When he started to baste its history its eyes filled him with of tears because apparently I had no confidence in yourself, as even his parents had told him that he does not would go nowhere. Our commercial Manager tried to remember that I was very moved with that story and subtlety animate, but not getting anything because the man was with the self-esteem on the floor. Therefore we take the decision to give him an e-book of motivation. That same day, also sold it one of our technical courses because we saw that I had good feeling with this subject. However let us a sensation of intense concern. The next day, Andrew called us by phone (had great chemistry with us) and told us that his parents and siblings told him that he had spent money needlessly because according to them the worth to do nothing.

Woowww, could not understand how the family of a person rather than motivate him him sinking more and more. The only thing we could do was tell him a saying that apparently Calo intensely in his brain and was: Andrew, each one is nailed to his cross. I.e. what reap it crops. If you’ve sown distrust you will reap distrust.

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