Bishop Valentine

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February 14, the so-called day of the lovers is that the lover or the loved one to make a gift – a popular occasion? Valentine’s day: Invention or tradition? Many Germans hold the 14th of February, the so-called day of lovers”for an invention by florists and greeting card manufacturers, to achieve higher sales. The view, the Valentine’s day arose only due to commercial interests, is incorrect. The Valentine’s day looks back on a long tradition. The origins go back to the third century after Christ. During this time, the Bishop Valentine of Terni to have married couples despite Imperial ban and have then presented them with flowers.

The custom to give something his partner or his partner, Valentine’s day probably came after the second world war with the U.S. soldiers to us after Germany. Timeless: Gifts classic Valentine’s day flower bouquet is a classic among the Valentine’s gifts. Especially popular is the bouquet of red roses, because these flowers since ancient times as a symbol of love. Chocolate, especially chocolates are another classic among the gifts of love. Generally appreciate gifts that allow time for yourself which or the loved one on increasing popularity.

These include experience gifts that promise distance from everyday life, like a coupon for a relaxing weekend or a short break. 2011: Presents trends for the Valentine’s day personalized gifts are so popular because they are unique unique. Click the partner or the partner, that one has invested time and effort in the Valentine’s gift and it comes from the heart that is what with Valentine’s gifts. This year, the trend clearly is personalized gifts. The product range of personalizable gifts is diverse: from the photo gift mix culinary gifts there is something for every taste. Classic Valentine’s day also the gifts can be personalize themselves. A mix candy mixture with On the label is guaranteed better Valentine’s greetings as a box of chocolates from the Department store shelf. Photo gifts such as for example the glass heart or the photo cushion with private (pair)-photo, and matching love message suitable as a personal gift and are quickly becoming the individual gift of love. Summary whether you put on classic gifts such as flowers or candy on Valentine’s day or follow the general trend toward personalization: gifts, allowing you to have thought about and come from the heart are always a good choice, especially on the day of lovers. Invest time in your Valentine’s gift so it is guaranteed to succeed.

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