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Dumping prices for disposable drinks a case for the Cartel Office Hannover/Kassel, April 2009 – with ecological correctness has the technology review blogger Niels Boeing strange experience. He wanted to return non-returnable bottles and cans at a supermarket redemption machines. The apparatus was again haunted two doses. A saleswoman Boing explained that the rejected non-returnable wore no deposit symbol and therefore not be withdrawn. Therefore, a refund of the deposit could not be. On closer inspection, it turned out that the two brands beer cans were produced for Poland. The kiosk owner, where the beer was purchased, Boeing learned that it is not returnable cans: no, he said, that is true, but we get delivered sometimes on pallets. Whether he knew who deliver that? He could not remember that unfortunately”, said the man in the kiosk.

According to the findings of the Deutsche Umwelthilfe (DUH) I is not to stray. Apparently has since In 2006, a thriving trade with mortgage-free doses developed introduction of uniform mortgage system. The environment help watched what is happening already. In many German food stalls, kiosks and petrol station shops export boxes are quite normal on the shelf, and some operating beats on it the 25 cent deposit still”, writes Boeing in his blog post. Environmental experts and the midsize drink industry criticize massive control chaos of cans pledge. Hardly a consumer more looking through, what drinks fall under the mandatory deposit and which are not. Differences between returnable and disposable are hard to detect.

Almost every second consumers in Germany even six years after the introduction of the single-use pledge not know that there are also disposable bottles in addition to reusable bottles. The deposit funds that remain in the coffers of the trade are correspondingly high. The mineral wells farms expect to deposit profits being diverted by discounters in cross-subsidization disposable drinks. Equivalent litre price mineral water at the discount store at all costs 13 cents and in the normal beverage trade 50 cents. To stop the displacement fight with the help of disposable dumped the discount against the multiple path-oriented medium-sized businesses, environmental and industry associations in addition to the single-use pledge request an effective tax of at least 20 cents per bottle. Unlike the binding laid down in the Ordinance a share of 80 per cent of ecologically advantageous packaging will not objective. The deposit in the current scheme is responsible for the massive decline in the multi way rate. A tax solution would have been from the outset better, which would also have been endorsed by large parts of the retail. The revenue thus generated would make the general public. Now we have the pure disposable mortgage solution with the well-known consequences of the Pfandschlupfes”, criticized Gottfried Jung by the Rhineland-Palatinate Environment Ministry at the Kassel waste Forum. The huge price difference driving consumers to disposable drinks. It would also the one proposed by the Federal Ministry of the environment Nothing for labelling. As the disposable dumping price of discounters is concluded, Dr. Helge Wendenburg from the Federal Environment Ministry could not agree. The examination of the causes is not the task of his house. Here are the Federal Ministry of Economics and the Federal Cartel Office duty. If a breach of competition law, must accordingly be traded. This is a message of NeueNachricht.

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