Germany Generale

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New offer includes warrants and part protection products may retail for some time are also investing in raw materials. This professional investors used to be reserved. The commodity sector offers investors the opportunity to diversify of their portfolios and opportunities for good returns. Societe Generale has significantly extended its offer in this sector. The Exchange Portal presents the new offer.

The Societe Generale includes advanced about 200 investment products, as a warrant on raw materials or as a protection certificates of part of. Thus the Societe Generale has once again its position as market leader in the field of investment products on commodities in Germany secured. With the wide range of Societe Generale is possible to reproduce almost all kinds of raw materials and to implement any market expectation. Also many bonus certificates are offered in addition to the basic values. These bonus certificates are issued on a whole range of raw materials with no Cap. The partial protection products are to investors who want to count with a growth in commodity markets and benefit, but not completely exclude declines.

In addition to this relatively safe investment products, Societe Generale offers products with higher risk, but also with higher yield potential. It is leverage. With the call, put, or inline warrants, it is possible to invest in rising or even falling raw material prices or Seitwartsmarkte. The rating agency scope analysis of Societe Generale was awarded for the high-performance products in the commodities sector and the comprehensive information service for customers recently the scope Award for commodity certificates. More information:…

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