Hummel Running

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The Schelztor clinic modernized the Schelztor Esslingen clinic one of the most distinguished addresses in the Stuttgart region data and communication technology Frickenhausen the January 15, 2012 – round 25 years developed and enjoys an excellent reputation. Then the big score: the clinic in the Esslinger is comprehensive downtown modernized and expanded. Total the Schelztor clinic grows it to four times of its original size. While the Hospital Board meets a landmark decision. So, the extension of the premises should be used to renew the entire data and communications infrastructure and thus the future to prepare the clinic. Also, the new infrastructure should relieve the staff, enable new services and make the stay in the clinic the patient as comfortable as possible. As a trusted partner, the Hummel House now receives an order to create a future-proof concept, to develop detailed plans and to establish the new infrastructure. Our existing systems are in the running Years become a patchwork, which would have been very confusing by the magnification of the clinic.

So we have decided to make a radical cut and asked the Hummel company to design a completely new, centrally controlled, and strategically extensible infrastructure for us and to install”, reported Dr. Heiko Brehme. The challenge consisted of, inter alia, that the new infrastructure in the running of the clinic had to be established. “An operation on an open system, so to speak.” By creating a consistent and innovative communication solution management would like to increase the efficiency of many processes and permanently reduce thus the costs and the administrative burden in the health care industry feared. A high-speed network will serve as an integral part, which practically all other technologies and applications set up. The IT – and telecommunications professionals of the Hummel system House install an in-house network running the clinic, on high-performance switches from Alcatel-Lucent sets and is sure against failures through redundancy.

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