Impersonal Communication Charged The Customer Relations

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Study of the consumer portal Verivox identified significant quality problems with energy providers legodo solution relies on individual customers rather than impersonal mass communication, Karlsruhe 14.10.2010 – apparently written customer communication is not among the strengths of the energy provider. According to a recent study of the consumer portal Verivox here about every second gas supplier has significant weaknesses. The identified deficiencies lie primarily in long response times to requests and in the substantive quality of the answers. Exactly for these problems, the legodo ag with C4 has developed a solution with the written sales approach is very personal, takes less time and it uses all modern communication channels. At the same time, C4 provides handling considerably easier as classical output-management method or other traditional tools, previously used for document creation. Starting point for our development was to eliminate the impersonal effects of anonymous mass communication “, explains legodo Board Member Marc Koch the demanding objectives. Everyone is pleased about personal letters, so the companies have their letters personalize so that the lyrics seem as personally spoken messages,”he says.

Then the information is also interested and read.” This realization was the guiding principle for the concept of C4. Succeeded by means of intelligent technology, the form letters that are no longer accepted by the customer as to convert, that they are perceived by the addressee as a personal approach, but produce still hardly any overhead in creating”, Koch describes the philosophy of the solution. The restriction on a simple salutation formula alone it is not enough.” This balancing act on the one hand by the fact that the entire knowledge of the company regarding its customers specifically incorporated into the content, so that he receives a message that is tailored to their individual interests and she feels as relevant and valuable results. C4 is with the SAP, CRM and other business applications seamlessly linked and thus directly accesses the information.

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