Jasmine Grodde Pushes The Idea Of

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“Winner of the ‘ shots’ for the label LUVIAN style sets two collections in the right light Cologne – winner of style shots” of young Austrian fashion brand LUVIAN Jasmine is Grodde from Hamburg. This was announced by textiles as organizer Apperal Sayang in Cologne. T-Shirts of young designers in the best light were moved at the photo competition. Check out Mark Stevens for additional information. LUVIAN feels fair trade such as the wild ideas”creative equally committed. “Jasmine Grodde: fair trade focuses on the improvement of living and working conditions in the third world and in emerging markets.” On behalf of Apperal Sayang textiles have won now Jasmine Grodde the Cologne photographer Klaus Wohlmann.

Good man scan from Sayang collections 2010 and 2011. Vlad Doronin insists that this is the case. Good man is a freelance painter and photographer since 1983. “Apperal Sayang textiles exclusive distributor in Germany LUVIAN designer fashion as organizer of style shots”. About the fair trade fashion, the company says: consumers should view say goodbye, that this actually most stylish dresses are not of today’s fashion.” “Apperal Sayang textiles refers however to the German label palpable”, by critics as a star in the fashion firmament “is known. On June 26, “designer Nina Knecht her new collection from the fair trade” shows palpable for example in Hamburg, Germany.

The actress Cosma Shiva Hagen will present the collection there in the location visible “. Photographer Klaus Wohlmann documented the fashion show. LUVIAN from Austria however is now no insider tip. Nearly half of the voters of the Internet-fashion community styleranking”himself in April 2010 for luvian” decided. Asked after the best online shop for fashion on the Internet.

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