Magical Art Dreams

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The Magician while arquetpico symbol tends to snore and to vibrate for indefinite time. He is enough to enter in tune with the necessities of unconscious the collective one, that is, desires, fancies and dreams of the spectator. That one that will be in tune with an atmosphere spiritual will keep active the resonance of the symbol while arqutipo keeping it alive. That is, the effect that a number of magical cause on the spectator is of deslumbramento accurately because of the mystery that exists for backwards of its execution and is this that makes with that it has a vibrant resonance. Already that one that will be in tune with a rational atmosphere, material, objective and imediatista, will keep living creature alegrico symbol, but for little time. Time this directly related to the unconscious necessity of this collective one while curiosity and speculation. Yes, because the effect that a number of magician unmasked cause on the spectator is alone of curiosity; it does not have resonance, only has historical value. The story is purely objective and not subjective, that is, something counted, rationalized and never shown and felt.

At the moment where this asleep spiritual to wake up, the necessity of if feeding for dreams, images, intuitions and reflections will resurge. More energies the arquetpicos and inactive symbols will keep asset the alegricos symbols. ' ' A WORLD WITHOUT SYMBOLS PROVOKES DEATH ESPIRITUAQL OF THE HOMEM&#039 IMMEDIATELY; '. is not what the people desire As Carl Gustav Jung said: ' ' To subject the stranger to the known one, the classificvel, adormece crebro' '. Thus, to if unmasking magician numbers, it is lost chance of questionings, reflections and inquisitions; the brain, for not reasoning, if accomodates in the ready answers, adormece, atrophy. As well as myths and stories of fairies they had survived for vibrant resonance to the philosophers and to the Church Catholic per centuries and centuries, the Magical Art that keeps livings creature the dreams, illusions, mysteries and fancies, also will survive for resonance to the corrupt ones of the Art! To finish this psychological analysis, it is good for remembering that great the responsible one for the end of the dreams, enchantments and illusions is not alone the corrupt and villainous magician, but also the ways and forms of spreading of this alegrica image; television, Internet, etc.

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