Manage Flitter

Posted April 11th, 2017 by Tony. Comments Off on Manage Flitter.

You have noticed lately that Twitter tools that allowed us automatically unfollow others almost have disappeared? If you’ve been wondering why so many of these as useful tools no longer allow us do continue to do so, the reason is that this level of automatizacioneso goes against the terms of service of Twitter and in recent months it has been them gradually closing, or requiring him to these that meet your requirements. What other words do it? When you have few followers you can eliminate the people that you are not following manually, but when the number of these increases, this is a process that can be long and cumbersome. The tool that I mention below was saved after a campaign where more than 2000 people expressed him their support on Twitter and they in turn included a few clicks extra in the procedure, so that the bulk unfollow wasn’t only 1 click. The tool in question is Manage Flitter (tool free), with it we can select those who are not interested in and wipes them automatically: those who do not follow us, that even in our niche, because they are not active. This level of selection allows us to a more effective job by helping our messages lleguen an a much more active and receptive audience. All we can achieve this with just a few clicks time is money the process is simple, you don’t even have to have account with Manage Flitter. Below I leave you a short video where I show you how simple the process. Do you know of any other free tool that allows us to do the same?.

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