People Responds To Your Interiors

Posted March 2nd, 2016 by Tony. Comments Off on People Responds To Your Interiors.

Ever wondered how am I? Then watch as people try it and the circumstances that you are experiencing, that will tell you much of how you are inwardly, if you constantly see problems then they are within his person, on the contrary if you experience good things, then they predominate in you a good interior condition. No doubt that the scale of values and beliefs that you have determine much of his performance and perception of reality, because the guilt or negative emotions cause people to send unconscious messages to others and that in this way they experience pain, the same happens with positive messages, only that they experience happiness. Andrew Corentt in the book the power to transform our life explains how such feelings of guilt, let’s say that a person meets with a group of friends and all contribute resources or efforts to organize the festivities, only that there is a member that never contributes anything by laziness and meanness, if this person experiences a certain level of guilt by doing so then sent messages to its friends so they make claims or want to ridicule, then you will feel victim by the guilt he feels, the universe responds to the status of persons. If we continue with the previous example we could find us with the same person in the same situation but this time that person does not feel any guilt, then as he does not feel victim, does not send that message and nobody says anything, it is likely you will enjoy more than the others. Note the differences in the way in which your mind processes information, even on the basis of the same event, if you want to experience positive things then only think of positive things and deliver the positive that can be in your life. Do you want your life to become magic? If your answer is yes then give everything you want: love, joy, money, peace, freedom, respect, affection, etc. Then you’ll see how people respond to what you are, all your experiences will be wonderful. In the book the power to transform our life will find valuable information that will allow you to guide your life by the path of light, will learn to accept his universe, handle it and transforming it, your experience will be enriched from the beautiful manifestation of God, you are powerful and important!

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