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Structure of grassroots democracy errors with regard to the grassroots democracy one should confuse the grassroots democracy not with a referendum! First, is the latter only to occasional political events, while the grassroots democracy is structurally closely connected with parliamentary democracy; It is their permanent addition. Secondly, the decisions are not directly taken by grassroots democracy. Still, this should be done by the elected politicians in the Parliament. A Trinitarian structure of political decision making resulting in grassroots democracy. The base”, to which each mature individual can be expected, will vote on the situation of the individual in relation to political directions.

Politicians have in the decision-making process to take account of this base as well as the experts of mental solution possibilities. So, you are the intermediary between base and science. The base must also regulated have the opportunity, to dismiss politicians out of their position, if in your Decisions which constantly overlooked condition based on disregard. Without the grassroots democracy, we have today a political deficit”to do. This persistent disregard of the base can lead to permanent social unrest and violence. Thus, the new structure of a future society with a grassroots democracy is an advanced parliamentary democracy and the only guarantee of social peace.

The author, Dr. Dr. Dr. PAL Dragos, is active in the international, interdisciplinary research of living systems. He directs research the growth trend. PAL Dragos is independent. Free excerpts from his publications see: information about the growth trend Research Institute, see under:

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