Posted June 15th, 2013 by Tony. Comments Off on Sorcerers.

It is an art magic. The Wizard of today is seen not just as a magician at fairs, corporate events, weddings or birthdays but also in variety shows. Precisely these magicians are the ones who once again show that the magic is really an art and not only demonstrate the ability of any tricks. The magic numbers, and that the fishes again and again, usually have a length of about 10 minutes. However, in these performances usually put 3 to 6 years of development work, and sometimes even more. Certainly we see as a spectator at this moment then only the magic tricks and effects. If once you can compare is in the fortunate situation, several magicians, where perhaps there is still a hobby magician with this, one can tell that it is a great art, how to spell effects or tricks – as it is popularly known – are presented. The magicians are, like many other artists, mainly including entertainers who are there to entertain the audience. Good ofdistinguish a bad magician, not based on the basis that they are shown magic tricks, but on how these tricks “packed”. Because if true, the packaging is a magic trick a conjuring trick. There are few effects in magic, but many thousands of magic tricks, magic, and every artist should strive to develop its own magic tricks too. That does not mean that he new effects or needs to develop new tricks, but that means he’s own style and his own presentation of the trick was to put reason and that is precisely what constitutes the good magicians and magic with magic leaves.

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