Subject Conscience

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Moral Discipline-Theology Subject Conscience and Sin Date 2.1-Conscience – it is freedom next to the ethical structure of the behavior and the Biblical concepts, being that the conscience if points out between the basic option and the concrete decisions, as much that if can ahead observe in at and the NT a valuation of the conscience of the choices. But still thus this can be subjects the influences to the determinative times as genetic, biological, familiar factors educational, partner economic politicians and who can compromise the perfect judgment, as well as can be victim of manipulations and aimings suffered for intermediary from outrem. In general scope, conscience means thinking with, understanding with. Inside of the moral theory, conscience is a function that allows the human being to distinguish between what it is good and what is badly. The conscience, gift in the soul of the person, is a judgment of the reason, that, at the opportune moment, commands the man who practises the good and prevents badly. Thanks to it, the person human being perceives the moral quality of an act to carry through or already carried through, allowing it to assume the responsibility.

When listening moral conscience, the cautious man can hear the voice of God who speaks to it. 2,2 Conscience as ' ' the center most private of the man, the sanctuary where it is alone with God and where Its voice if makes ouvir' ' By the allegiance to the voice of the conscience, the Christians are joined to the too much men in the duty to search the truth and by means of it to decide social problems that appear in the individual and social life. These expressions private center and sanctuary are where the conscience includes the perception of the principles of the morality, its application to the circunsctncias in question, the discernment.

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