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Lead generation, customer acquisition, and customer retention are improved by Internet caller identification reveals the company names of the site visitor – LEADSEXplorer London, large Britain September 14, 2009 – the Web service LEADSExplorer transforms the Internet caller ID in the name of the website visitor, similar to telephone caller ID. When a phone call received people, you expect to see the name of the caller (or the caller ID caller ID) on their phone or mobile, which means to ignore the call, or to be prepared for the interview. A similar unique marking exists on the Internet (IP address), that allows to identify the visitor to the site with his name. LEADSExplorer provides such a service, not only the company name, but also: the origin of Internet (reference website or advertising) or the used search terms the geographical position of the PC and the ISP location the language used at the same time can be the Web Analytics for every company Film of the visited pages are looked at and knowing the longest pages visited for the determination of interest. This information should be used for lead generation, customer acquisition, and customer retention.

If your visitors that online Web form not fill, know which companies still visit. No front investment in software or infrastructure requires the establishment of LEADSExplorer, since it is a Web service (on demand). “LEADSExplorer has a pay as you go” pricing structure and a 30 day free trial. For more information, please visit: concerns Engago Technologies Ltd. Engago Technologies Ltd. aims to companies in the B2B business with useful and producing purchasing Web service solutions to provide. Converts a first service, LEADSExplorer as the B2B companies: website visitors discover, identify, qualify, reach, and convert new customers. Improving customer retention. The real solution is based on its own technology, which is years developed over several.

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