The Feelings

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It should be authentic. Bees/wasps – cutting funny fear about a violation of most in love Flash discharge an inner tension flowers that bomb exploded an event or a situation gifts of love or can explode in the life boat life situation and change in relation to the feelings rolls/bread making money roof of the head with his thoughts, the ice – frozen mind Thunder the restlessness / snow frozen feelings ice – tauend / snow tauend feelings are slowly awake or defrost slowly on drowning man goes down next feelings under food money-making or coming from rotten fruit a situation has become lazy and no longer edible for a fire is the fire of life or a thing or too dangerous or too hot the fire of life spirals out of control fire out of control, and is not more easily controllable fires to light the fire of life. It can for example love fire fish be the unconscious, what to do with the feelings, the place of spiritual growth has garden or as well as and you will reap what you sow and nourishes birth comes something new in life or spend money in the consciousness one must invest in something or put more energy into something money get you get a power or transmission damage can not be used his power still correctly an investment from someone storms in life inner tension and unloading glass a certain view of limit inner limits by our personal and global beliefs shark fear with skin and hair being eaten or too much engrossed in love to be his own house I, if it is the own House, where one lives or has lived. Otherwise that I a different House (large) or community building such as a forum, a group so what like Facebook flies high it comes in the ease and joy of life and can therefore easily lift off or cocky high waves are aggressive great emotions dog – aggression of a people dog – small or large loyal servant of the people – the mind or EGO hangover flirt cat adoption in the love of basement of the unconscious in us or the profound in us candle life light candle goes out it is or it who died cherry/tomato love icon case the load or the load (black case) or also the love – gifts (red box) head thinking crocodile depending on the size, the sexual urges of the people with slow finish wire or similar.

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