The Philosophy

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Also it is not certain of that if they cannot lose these candidates and the course of Philosophy comes if to empty. It has same an enormous field for quarrels knowing that the work market will absorb.Graduating of the course of Philosophy of the Federal University of the Espirito Santo. of the conclusion of the same ones, however it can be made varied readings of this information. The Philosophy, for having the qualities to question and to answer the world and the human thought, why its baixssima looks for? Valley the penalty really to go to the search of this really? It would not be better to conduct itself for ‘ ‘ sense comum’ ‘ , and to be part of the select group of the courses/professions more looked in the vestibular contests and to be pleased in the pleasures of the body and the soul, but exactly in the questions passengers of the life? The questions above arremetem in them to a contingency that is installed in the natural and human world: of the poor person to the rich one, of the illiterate to the doctor, the imbecile to the scientist, but it perceives who it? It questions who it? Who perceives in this ‘ ‘ sofrer’ ‘ contingent and if insurge with a new devir? Perhaps a professional ‘ ‘ formado’ ‘ for the others to know? For knowing finalistas to them? Perhaps very little minds have these perspiccias. Thus, for ‘ ‘ thick modo’ ‘ of fast form, I bring the figure of Karl Jaspers stops guiding in them on the philosophy. The philosopher of the existence Karl Jaspers (1883-1969) already in the flame the attention in the preface of its workmanship Introduction to the philosophical thought (1953), that ‘ ‘ The philosophy is universal and that nothing it exists that it does not say respect..

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