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Michael Oehme: ‘The industry of the suppliers of closed-end funds is been hit several times in recent years’, says Michael Oehme, consultant at the CapitalPR AG in St. Gallen, Switzerland. St. Gallen, 21.01.2014. After a huge slump in the all-important ship participation market, which brought almost to a standstill, the placement of this once important asset class, there are now regulatory provisions which deal with the provider. The AIFM directive, which brought serious new rules the party and last but not least were associated with high levels of spending are was implemented. “Last but not least, not to jeopardize the ideas of innovative SME finance, the renowned industry information service continued capital-market internally (kmi) for a ‘de minimis’ – control, so for the so-called small AIFM, which must place first of all up to 100 million euros, to then in the course of the realization of the money for implementation as a genuine” AIFM to have. This reached kmi without support of the BSI, Association of probably a preservation of acquired rights for issuers of bank-related or institutional aims.

The innovative ideas which characterized the industry, however, will receive according to Editor-in-Chief Uwe Kremer. You can find this in particular for small and medium-sized issuing houses. Last but not least you should remember that without the industry of closed-end funds not so smoothly would be expired german/German unification, Germany until today not in the international container shipping sector would establish as themselves, not to mention the innovation World Championships, for example, in the area of renewable energies”, so Michael Oehme. What is however in fact would have failed, is an adequate representation of all interests. Because now, adversity threatened again: as kmi reported in its current issue, there will be no distribution for AIFM’s free investment sales more. This restriction is viable but, because just the medium-sized issuing houses place a Most of its fund volume just about this distribution channel. I don’t get the impression that you are aware of the dimension of the decision in a telephone conversation with the BFin, which confirms this fact, and that is why I hope that the design is adapted to the reality”, so Oehme. Only the channel about consultants who have a 32 KWG status, was still possible.

So far, in any case, this comes close to a profession of a not inconsiderable part of the industry, because in practice all bank-independent issuers start first in the so-called free market of capital investment to later if necessary to raise capital through banks and institutional investors. This is the decision of the investment advisors, who have not approved 32 KWG, so the majority of the market, hard. You can sell only products of AIFM investment companies. Yet transition fund represent an alternative, so that end but also on 21 July 2014. If an offer is until then or the consultants then protection under a MiFID search, is going to show,”says Michael Oehme. The CapitalPR AG offers therefore refinancing opportunities for medium-sized companies, which are not affected by the new restrictions.

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