Yourself Delivers

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Immediately gives the impression of individuality and remember just what it is – another! She has a unique and recognizable features. Cosmetics for face Gloris – individually, and therefore appreciates those qualities in others, suggesting each woman to make your own recipe for beauty, highlighting the uniqueness and charm gives … GLORIS. Cosmetics credible. One of the mysteries of female attractiveness – in originality. The task of cosmetics – emphasize this uniqueness, become for every woman – her especially. Is there a proper recipe for the beauty of each one of us? 'Gloris' – the only makeup that values your individuality.

Collection 'Gloris' – harmonious system: the whole orchestra, which performs every woman to serenade her youth and beauty … 'Gloris' care for the full program of cleaning up special funds, with each position and the full range of care selected especially for you, with all the subtleties of your lifestyle and preferences for your skin … Each cosmetic composition 'Gloris' is a harmonious blend of the most effective components in Depending on the type and condition of the skin and the task. And the latest developments and technologies allow to save and enhance the beneficial properties of each component. At the heart of every cosmetic product 'Gloris' – the basis GLORIDERM, patented design Gloryon.

By maximizing the similarity of the structure with the structure GLORIDERM skin, the active substance in a natural way to penetrate the basal (germinal) layer of the epidermis, not hurting in this upper layer, and in fully convey the active substances of plant components. Thanks GLORIDERM 'Gloris' nourishes and moisturizes all skin layers and has the ability to locally influence the fetal skin cells, creating them ideal culture medium. Hot new real sensation in 2008 by experts in the field of cosmetology and health tropical fruit called amal – revealed that it contains 30 times more vitamin C than an orange. He is the strongest renegeratorom and the most effective antioxidant known to date. In spring 2008 collection of all funds 'Gloris' enriched antioxidant complex of innovative 'Super Antiox'. based on the action amly. Now, youth and freshness of your skin are protected more effectively. 'Gloris'. White sheet, the purity of flowering lilies – the best background for your beauty, shielding her expressiveness. Let your face blooming joy, surprise and delight – any sense would be perfect for radiant health, smooth skin … Be beautiful – with 'Gloris'!

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