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The Aquaponics is the productive activity that joint production of fish and plants of commercial value in a water recirculating system (aquaculture + hydroponics). This system takes advantage of the waste generated by the fish to nourish plants which release the water of these compounds in turn making it available again for the fish. That is why that the aquaponics takes advantage water, space and the wastes generated, so it becomes a form of sustainable production for the environment. The general principle of the aquaponics is that waste produced by organisms in cultivation units, are used by plants for their growth and therefore the water is liberated from various solids, what represents an increase in the quality of the water. Nitrates, which are the end products of biological filtration, represent the most commonly used by plants nitrogen form. The aquaponics reduces the amount of nitrogen discharge effluents or in other words, extends the use of water, which implies also a reduction in operating costs by hauling water to the system, especially in areas where the supply of this resource is a serious problem. This activity increases the profitability of the aquaculture farm since the production of vegetables with this system acquires one commercial higher value to be considered as healthy products (free of chemicals such as pesticides, fertilizers, etc.) and extras are not expenses by fertilization of plants because the nutrients are contained in the flow of water flowing through the system another advantage of these systemsIt is that they maintain a better quality of water to remove nutrients such as the ammonium, nitrates, carbon dioxide, among others. The integration of plants and animals is a type of polyculture that increases the diversity and therefore provides stability to the system.

In addition, plants to utilize these nutrients and require solar energy, prevent the proliferation of the phytoplankton. Aquaponics system design is based on the system of EGR with the addition of hydroponic beds and the possible deletion (or diminution of capacity) of biofilters or dissolved and fine solids removal devices. This suppression of components is feasible if the relationship between the area of plants and aquatic organisms is adequate. AQUAPONICS Aquaponics is a company that is part of the BOFISH organization and that equally shares the philosophy of promoting production farming way sustainable with the environment, achieving thus producing healthy food and high quality. Aquaponics focuses on production systems that have goals make more efficient use of resources: water, space, energy and waste, through the application of biotechnology that can be applied to the specific conditions of the site. The company is dedicated to the training of systems related to the aquaponics through the planning of courses and conferences, as well as the dissemination of this innovative productive activity. AQUAPONICS, offers estor courses as an alternative for sustainable development into your hands.

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