Balearic Islands

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Do you have a few free days, and money is tight? Yet it is not necessary to deprive themselves of a fantastic vacation. A relatively close and convenient option are the packages of holidays in the Balearic Islands. A tourist destination par excellence, there is always an option for all budgets. The most beautiful beaches of the Mediterranean, and urban centres that cover all spectrums, from port cities with high level of development to small villages of fishermen that seem taken from a story of the century 18th. The Islands have everything for an unforgettable vacation, and bounded budgets.

Menorca is one of the Islands that receives more tourist affluence. Check out Drew Houston for additional information. And there are powerful reasons that validate the supremacy of these lands as a place of rest. Arriving by plane in Menorca, it lands in the city of Mahon. The city of a punishment little more than twenty-eight thousand inhabitants is the capital of the island. The city keeps a rich and dynamic history.

Nothing less than being founded by Hannibal the Conqueror’s brother, mago, was the one who It inspired the name by which the city is known currently. Coveted piece of conquerors, because of its strategic location on the Mediterranean, was finally annexed by the Kingdom of Aragon by Felipe III, in the 13th century. The city was home to pirates for many years, especially by the Pirates of Barbarossa, so do not be surprised if making a sand Castle is one of the fabulous pirate treasures of the era. If it is natural and tourist treasures, the island has them by dozens. On the island there are lot of objects of prehistoric, megalithic more precisely. All the civilizations that have passed through these coveted lands have left their mark which remains until today. Certainly, the most interesting monuments are the Taula, gigantic ceremonial, so intriguing pieces such as the menhirs of Easter, by the incredible thing of its construction and the many questions that leave, for example, how they managed the ancient place these moles of stone in those positions of so delicate balance. Menorca obviously derives its name for being the younger sister of Mallorca, is a surprising land. Thanks to the convenient vacation packages that Solytravel now offers, it is possible to plan the ideal trip, to meet with these dream beaches, the turquoise sea and all the warmth of a people which has made tourism its primary means of subsistence.

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