Budwig Cells

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This is the belief of the followers of the Budwig diet. The Budwig diet is a special diet created by Dr. Johanna Budwig, which was one of the researchers of cancer more respectada in Europe. His life was dedicated to the search for a natural and effective cure against cancer, and the Budwig diet is the end result. What is the Budwig diet? The Budwig diet is a diet that is based on two key ingredients: oil, flaxseed and quark.

Flaxseed oil contains high levels of Omega 3, according to Dr. Budwig, is essential to combat the disease. Quark is a meal that resembles cottage cheese, and is part of the diet for its high content in proteins. On top of these two basic ingredients, add other foods natural such as vegetables, juice, oatmeal and brown rice to give more variation to the dish. The problem of the modern diet. Budwig believed that the modern diet was responsible for many of the illnesses of today’s society. With their high content of trans fats and hydrogenated oils, he believed that these components are directly responsible for the increased establishment of cancer cells in the body. Their investigation revealed that trans fats are particularly dangerous, since it affects the electrical load of all cells, and its process helps create more cancer cells.

It also eradicated the sugar from the diet since it found that cancer cells live glucose. He came to the conclusion that if you remove the sugar from the diet cancer cells would be weaker, thus reducing the negative process. Discoveries that led to creation of the diet Budwig was key findings that Dr. Budwig was made in relation to the blood of cancer patients that led her to create this diet. Through meticulous research, he discovered that cancer patients had low levels of Omega 3, lipoproteins and phosphates in their blood. He also discovered a substance of green in his blood that I get to connect with the presence of cells carcinogenic. Treatment Dr. Budwig formed their diet based on their research, and the anticipated results concluded that they were positive. He began working with a number of patients, some of which had already reached him knowing that they would not overcome, and put them in the diet. Also ensured that they had plenty of fresh air and sunshine, as he suspected, began to improve. Dr. Budwig claimed that Omega 3 levels were increasing in the blood of patients, and that the blood cells returned to its normal state after you deploy your simple diet. Later claimed that the diet was so effective and that can cure all types of cancers, no matter the amount of cancer cells that the patient has. A natural cure? Some people treat the discoveries of Dr. Budwig with doubt, but according to other expert researchers of cancer really provides a simple and effective way to treat cancer. Now there are many people looking for alternative ways to treat many diseases. The Budwig diet could be one option for cancer patients looking for different ways to cure treatment in the future.

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