Divine Reality

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We are saying in the truth of the Alter Swaying Ego. This farcical personage! Its colorful clothes are weaveeed with wires of the selectivity, under the regimen of the law of Gerson and dress its soul-instrument. The bred soul that was for the Deity in flagrant necessity, serves of platform of landing for the Spirit, divine Flash launched in the universe carrying through the will of the Creator. Being pure-for-origin, this express Spirit-Flash the Divine Reality, that, however, to be interpreted, if makes necessary an soul-instrument with its attributes and its ilusria college of free will. The operational function of the soul is ‘ ‘ Atualizar’ ‘ what it comes projected in native state of the superior world. What it passes for the soul has that necessarily to pass for the ways of the fragile heart. Agency where the alqumica transmutao of the creation real, projected for the Creator and transformed into ‘ is made emotional; ‘ Atualidade’ ‘.

The heart is evanglico and as such alqumico oven of feelings, emotions. A box of secrets. It is crisol that transmuta the reality. The divine force, travestida of reality and suitable solidity to the intelligent life. From there, the set body-soul, with its proper attributes and will to form the combat car, the impact ram that breaches with the black wall of the Imanifesto. The ego, lost in the theater of operations of this universal war, emprenhado of wills, yearnings and selectivities, if fulls of air and many times finish give birth wind. In its habitual contemplation of the famous mirror of Narcissus, this semiconscientious warrior is admiring what to its eyes he seems to be trustworthy. Images of fractais.

The habit makes with that, early or late, it searchs to find ways in the depth of the mirror. A trip of illusion and fancies for quixotic tracks. The ego, this cloud eater is a traveller who covers ways the holy ghosts, in instrumental mission, supported for the escudeiro fool Sancho Belly, mounted in its Rocinante horse, fighting mills and dragons constructed for its proper imagination. This Wild Warrior lives the perpetual moment of the Divine Reality using a crutch constructed for its yearnings searching in a war insane person to reach a future that only exists in the perpetual gift.

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