Environmental Contamination

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Only that one that contributes to the future must right to judge the past Friedrich Nietzsche Every time encausamos us to our own environmental deterioramiento, is incredible as the vehicle with all the contamination which it generates every time is demanded by the people, even knowing the effects injurious that it causes, especially against the environmental pollution, against the health, all this to tell on means that it transport, especialmdente before the great distances to reas of work and even short. Every time ladictadura of the automvil is tax. In inslito like the convulsed cities estn of all type of vehicles, until the same houses, streets, becoming estrs to journey in them, by the enormous tails that they present/display; therefore, it does not have to sorpreder us, like reviews the Equipment of Redacion EcoPortal.net, that in their majority, the great cities of Latin America and the Western Hemishpere generally, has been diagramadas, conceived or adapted to the needs of the automobile. The streets that in past times were used almost exclusively in order to delimit space between constructions and to give access to buildings, in city modern have turned, as the importance that we have given the automobile, in containers of the circulation of vehicles, with a small extra space to each side, for the people has grown. We have reached the limits of the endiosamiento towards the particular automobile.

We have turned the streets of the cities into urban highways, him we have ofrendado the places, the parks and many other spaces, turning them into places to park. We have widened streets at the cost of its paths and until of houses. The vehicles need and but space more and more, and we occur it. Present Tngase, that nowadays the life on the planet is threatened by the phenomenon of the global heating. Produced essentially by the gas discharge of greenhouse effect.

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