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‘Magic and reality’ insights into future interpretation, clairvoyance and divination Berlin, 25.11.2013 – mysticism and superstition are as old as mankind and exist all over the world and in all cultures. The theme of spirituality urges the society but also at the present time and in the Western (modern) world increasingly in the middle. Just at the time the esoteric market is booming: Witches, psychics and Angel join many in the dark season. In the just-published book of the Berlin writers Evelyn Kohler / Malka almond sheet, the esoteric subject is illuminated for the first time from all sides. Visit witches, psychics, psychics and fortune tellers, report about their experience and by others. Why this book? The author and journalist Evelyn Kohler: Where we people questioned and listened to, was the one or the other person already at a psychic and was looking for information on what the future might bring. We were curious, and were on the way to visit several fortune tellers.

(..) The book would give suggestions with trained views of the work and Methods of the Mage to look”. Also Insider chat from the card box”superstition, Angels and prophets are how real and how dangerous are telephone hotlines? Evelyn Kohler and Malka almond sheet: We advise everyone who seeks out a Zukunftsdeuter, pay attention to the following things: 1 if possible not the specific reason for their visit indicate. An experienced Zukunftsdeuter acknowledges their question. 2. Adhere to the agreed fee and let are never pre-, middle or extra donations”to persuade. 3. A reputable clairvoyant will not continually order to new sessions.

4. A good esoteric consultant needs neither candles, crystal balls, or incense, these utensils are used alone the fascination. “You can learn more on this now currently in the newly released book by Evelyn Kohler & Malka almond sheet: magic and reality”-insights into the future of interpretation, with 60 mystic and antiquarian objects illustrated, published November 2013 Lichtig-Verlag: 298/9783929905298_A.htm Event / reading in Berlin (continue): what: Evelyn Kohler reads from magic & reality. Insights into future interpretations who: experts with clear-headed talent will be present at the presentation of the book: Monika Rademacher and Xenia when: November 26, 2013 to 20:00 where: coffee cross Espresso bar & deli Thielallee 34 14195 Berlin-Dahlem

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