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Information about oxidative and direct attractive colours and the whitening of hair. What hair color is the most gentle for my hair, probably one of the most frequently asked questions, which is addressed to salons. We try to create what hair color the best meets your needs and wishes a quick and easy overview. Oxidative colours and direct feeding. Oxidative need always a developer colors (hydrogen = H2O2), without this doesn’t happen, because the color only to respond begins by him. Disadvantage: He hair varies raut on (depending on the percentage), especially if the cream is even ammonia.

This however has slowly disappears from the Farbcremes (see INOA by LOREAL). Also the most shades contain also hydrogen, but only in a weaker concentration (1.5-4.5% H2O2) contrary to the General provisional opinion. Over the years, the concept of intensive tint has”crept, this is just the euphemism for a low % colouring, which more or less weakly covers the greying. To sum Up: White hair can be covered hydrogen fully only with an oxidative hair color with at least 6%. Direct pulling colors have stored more or less pigment, which is further strengthens accumulation on the hair and thus no additional funds need to respond to. Vegetable dyes are the oldest example that 5000 years ago you had dyed the hair located in the old Egypt that.

Disadvantage: Real vegetable dyes are available only in the range from light copper to red, in all other artificial dyes are inside (black henna E.g. Here is the term henna”unfortunately often misused, because as a Hennaschampoo” would make her hair with every wash, hair, reddish. For darker dyes, or fashion tones directly absorbing dyes are ideal, because they do not damage the hair structure, but especially with Elumen even very maintain and make better comb, also here is the whole spectrum Covered hair colors and you can draw from the full.

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