Holy Inquisition

Posted May 8th, 2017 by Tony. Comments Off on Holy Inquisition.

Most of the people whom we refer to the category of ordinary people, and are now trying to live the hope of modern medicine achievements in the field of human immortality. And only a certain part of physicians who understand the processes occurring in the human body, is well aware that the myth of the miracle of stem cells – is just a bluff, commercial move to suck money from wealthy clients. Illiteracy in matters many of today's medicine allows scientists to use their own potential, not so much for the development of science, but rather for their own enrichment. It is therefore hardly surprising and the fact that the leaders of modern science and helping them to state authorities in every way possible to suppress the development of science from the progressive part of society and representatives of leading academics. This is more conducive and commercialization of science, to send representatives of the scientific elite to curb opportunities for independent development of science.

And the situation is more reminiscent of the situation since the Holy Inquisition, when Church for the sake of their own wealth and prestige was at any step, if only to prevent the development of science and "dissent". And while this problem, about which little is know most of the population, will be decided behind closed doors, people will hope they have enough duration of their lives in order to await the victory of science over the aging of the human body. But let's still try to find out, and whether this problem depends only on corruption in the field of science and medicine. .

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