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This 'popular' clothing to modern life almost does not apply if it really is sewn by hand and the old technology, it looks too exotic and interfere with the rapid urban walking. Another thing – clothes 'Ethnic': it can, and use ancient achievements, but it is made in a factory conveyor method and sewn on sewing machines that are programmed under the 'folk' patterns. Modern 'ethnics' is adapted to needs of the day: cheap fabric, design simpler, the Milan fashion show gives 'Spring – Summer 2008'. This can go. As designers all over the world are drawn to the historical roots and a street craze and the popular manufacturers follow the catwalks.

More than half of ethnic clothes in the world – from India, and historically – of its colonial past. British paved roads in the country of Maharajas, and they gave the Europeans a new approach to luxury – in contrast to the abject poverty. Any Indian shawl, a dress shirt brings the drama. Massive gold embroidery can decorate thing sewn with thread of sprawling rotten tissue. Starting with the 60 designers around the world ate Indian tradition by embedding in their collections of traditional local color combinations and textures.

– Now in India there postbritanskom mode, – says Vladimir Mid designer, studied the markets thence along and across. – The national language is English mixed with Hindi, but the popular apparel have not changed. And now you can find the original version of the costume of any of the states. There is a Punjabi clothes, bright, with krupnorapportnym pattern – almost like our buffoons, there is clothing northern areas: various shades of brown, silver, purple, faded harsh wool, hand prints or paintings. North – this is refinement, because for them China, that is Buddhism. Vladimir explains the fascination with the mythical Russian cultural kinship India: – The same sun dresses, but with slits on the sides and underneath his pants, which is dictated by national features. In Russian In their place were petticoats. Total – white, and it is red, crimson, azure embroidery and pearls.

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