Manufacture Perfumes

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The sense of smell of the animals may be highly developed in some species, by which natural odors met a biological role of maximum importance for the survival of the species. It is through olfactory signals that males and females are able to mate, and odors also maintain a colony of individuals informed about various innovations that may affect them. Some odors naturally secreted by certain animal varieties are used in the manufacture of perfumes and colognes, in the same way in which have been known for thousands of years by humanity. At present, some molecules have found substitutes synthetics of good quality, which has helped reduce the cost and to protect certain species in danger of extinction. Ambergris is used in perfumery. It is also the cause by which sperm whales are on the verge of extinction, as well as the employment of its fat. This substance was highly coveted because it has the property of fixing volatile perfumes. Its origin can be located in intestinal secretions of the animal.

It has a very characteristic, sweet smell. Extracted the whale raw amber white amber is called and can not be used. It must undergo a process of photodegradation to achieve final transmutation in this coveted substance. Musk is another substance widely used in perfumery. It is a secretion of the gland in the musk deer, although other species such as the muskox, muskrat, and musk duck are also capable of producing similar substances. It is a substance of a strong odor concentrated, almost intolerable for humans. Its application in perfumery is performed in very small doses. Musk has in its composition a number of hormones called pheromones which aims to attract a female.

It is believed that perfumes musk is used in the composition of which have a certain aphrodisiacal power. Another animal substance used in the preparation of perfumes and colognes is castoreum, a glandular secretion of some species of Beaver. Animal naturally uses this substance to match its fur and give extra protection to water. Castoreum properties are the set to other essences, and also print them his particular smell. Unfortunately the excess in the hunt for the Beaver in order to get your skin and its glands secretion has led to the almost extinction of the species, which are within the list of protected species.

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