Panel Plastic

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Produced from artificial derivatives with special surface finish. Made to look like marble, wood, aluminum and steel. – homopal represents a material known as "metal laminate – plastic high pressure with an additional surface. Additional coating laminate is made of copper surfaced, stainless steel, aluminum (mirror or matte). -LIRI a modern plastic. Has a glossy or matte outer surface, colored coloring under gold, silver, stone, wood. When production steps for the installation panel, under the plastic cover is placed another sheet of cardboard or hardboard so that the total thickness of both sheets was about seven mm.

Plastic panels can not be applied to any premises with serious differences of humidity and temperature are not suitable for 'street door. " There is no reason to what would be in the same panel I should use several different materials. In the laminated panels can be done decorative objects made of plastic, for example. Surface of the plastic can be supplemented by fragments of metal, for example. In the manufacture of such structures will certainly need to remember to take into account the environmental conditions on jumps in temperature / humidity. For another opportunity to decorate surfaces should also include the possibility of making different patterns and grooves, inserts a glass of unusual forms.

Fixation decorative panels, the finished door and door frame is relatively simple. Mounting the panels on a metal door leaf is performed using the already established parts or trim, by screws or rivets. Such a method allows you to work in the future is easy to update one panel to another. Process execution mounting panel imposes limits on their thickness in 6mm – 7mm. This value depends on the manufacturer. Due to the fact that plastic much thinner, under similar sheet must lay a canvas or cardboard. Produced today panels made from mdf or arrays have standard thicknesses, namely: 6mm – 7mm, 16mm, 20mm, 12mm, forgetting about the thickness of the veneer layer lacquer film. Specifically, we note that the thickness of 20mm panels are made of veneer do not have. What would be a very thick panel mounted on high quality canvas door, around the contour of the panel produce a sample for local reducing the thickness to acceptable values in 7mm. Of course, such selection should be done in advance, on-site production of door panels.

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